Lawyers On Call Know the Business of Court Appearances at AppearMe

How many times have you been in a situation when you had a court hearing when a pile of urgent documents was waiting for you on your desk? Short deadlines, unexpected situations, and work under pressure seem familiar to any lawyer. This is the reason that a lot of legal professionals turn to the help of lawyers on call. They know the business of court appearances and who can handle tasks which you could otherwise fail without their assistance. In this article, we will talk about lawyers on call registered with the web and mobile application( App Store or Google Play) AppearMe and will discuss why we believe they can handle your case.


Lawyers on Call: What to Expect?

  • A commitment to excellence and responsiveness to client requests
  • Graduate from an accredited law school
  • An attorney with an active license
  • No disciplinary history
  • Broad practice areas
  • Accessible through the portal or via phone or email
  • A clear and predictable billing system
  • Accessible even 10 minutes before your hearing
  • Work in the same geographic area and neighborhood
  • Fair prices. No hidden costs.


Get Lawyers Without Disciplinary Record

One of the things you dread when you assign a task to a lawyer on call is whether this person will be able to handle the task professionally. Back in your heart, you may even be thinking that you should have done the job yourself, don’t you?

At AppearMe, we take care that attorneys with disciplinary history don’t get into the system. You can be sure of the professional integrity of the lawyer and that you assign your task to competent lawyers. We check the profile information of the lawyers and verify the accounts of only the attorneys without disciplinary history and with an active license.

Same Geographic Area and Quick Connection

Attorneys may specify the geographic area where they would like to get job requests. They normally work in their neighborhoods. There is no need to travel long hours to the courthouse and back spending useless money and time. This means that attorneys on call registered with AppearMe can appear even 10 minutes before your hearing. Sometimes they are stuck in a courthouse, and it takes less than 15 minutes for them to handle the task.



The best part about AppearMe is that the process from submitting a request to the time someone commits to your request normally takes not more than a couple of minutes. The secret is automation. The automatic portal processes everything from committal to invoicing to billing. You don’t need even to worry about paying the attorney you hired. Once the person submits his or her report, the system will transfer the payment to the attorney’s bank account automatically.


Have More Questions?

Sign up now or contact our staff if you have questions. You can also read ”About us” and “Help pages of AppearMe. Our dedicated staff is here to answer all your questions and assist you in signing up if you haven’t done so.

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