Fully Automated Freelance Counsel App! Get Matched in 60 Seconds

Ever thought what can happen in 60 seconds? Well, a minute is enough time to write a quick email, grab coffee or talk with a coworker, isn’t it?

On top of that, every minute:

  • Facebook users Like more than 4.1 million posts
  • Twitter users tweet more than 347,000 times
  • Pinterest pinners pin nearly 10,000 images
  • Apple users download 51,000 apps

And finally, smart lawyers hire contract lawyers in 60 seconds with the help of AppearMe. Nope, I’m not kidding! 60 seconds is enough to hire a freelance attorney if you’re using this fully automated freelance counsel app.


A New Era of Scheduling Freelance Contract Lawyers with a Fully Automated Freelance Counsel App

Do you wish to hire a freelance attorney in a few seconds? If yes, AppearMe makes it possible. But before we go any further, here are a few incredible things you need to know about AppearMe before you join the largest legal network available.

  • Signing up to the app is FOREVER FREE.
  • The fully automated app allows to schedule freelance lawyers in 60 minutes.
  • AppearMe doesn’t allow just anyone to join the portal. Freelancers meet certain requirements before joining the app.
  • Freelance contract lawyers are available in Arizona, California, Nevada, New York, Massachusetts, Minnesota, Texas, Florida, Illinois, New Jersey, Oregon, Pennsylvania and Washington.
  • You can submit as many freelance legal tasks as you need.
  • You can use the app to share files and text the lawyer whenever you have questions, updates, or have something to share.
  • You will pay when a project is completed to your satisfaction.
  • Registered users earn $40 by telling their friends about AppearMe.  


Post Your First Freelancer Legal Task Today

It’s quick and easy to submit freelance legal tasks on AppearMe (even a novice mobile user can use it). You will be able to submit a wide variety of freelance tasks, including Drafting a Complaint, Writing a Complaint, Drafting a Lawsuit, Drafting a Demand Letter OR Demand Letters, Drafting a Wills and Trusts Package, Responding to a Discovery Set, Case Summaries, Drafting Deposition Questions, Drafting Deposition Sets, etc.

Once you post a job offer, you will automatically receive details of 5 freelance attorneys in a few seconds. Browse their profiles and select the perfect freelance attorney for your task. Only pay when you’re completely satisfied.


What Can We Help You With?

If you have any questions regarding our freelance legal services, be sure to check our Help page. It provides answers to basic questions about the app. Alternatively, you can contact AppearMe Support and get help.

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