Court Reporting

Court Reporters in New York Enjoy High Salaries and Flexible Work Schedule

No one can argue that court reporters in New York are in high demand and enjoy the highest salary as compared to the US average […]


In Search of a Court Reporter in Los Angeles? Find One with a Simple Tap!

A court reporter in Los Angeles is a demanded professional for all hearings, depositions, and trials. There is a trend among court professionals to take […]


Find a Court Reporter in Austin Easily

When you are busy with dozens of legal issues in a day, finding a court reporter may be a nuisance. No lawyer wants to be […]


Find a Court Reporter in Washington in 5 Minutes

Recently, I met my colleague in court. He was desperately looking for an experienced court reporter. I asked how he’s going to find the right […]


Work as a Court Reporter in Oregon

Do you want to earn extra money working as a court reporter in Oregon? AppearMe is perfect for you! Obviously, you are going to ask […]


7 Keys to Success for Newbie Court Reporters

As a portal that helps attorneys to find court reporters in ten different states (California, New York, Texas, Florida, Nevada, Illinois, New Jersey, Washington, Oregon, […]


Court Reporters On Demand

Court reporters on demand are one of the most demanded professionals in the court market. Ducker Worldwide, a consulting and research firm, estimates that there […]


Career as a Court Reporter – Everything You Must Know Before Getting Started

If you are thinking of starting a career as a court reporter or, called otherwise, a stenographer, there should be certain things that must be […]


Building a Career in Court Reporting with AppearMe

How much does a court reporter earn in the United States? Data suggests that the average court reporter salary can reach to $50,000 a year […]


Freelancing As a Court Reporter With AppearMe

How to make a stable income and enjoy life benefits at the same time? Do you think it’s unreal? It is real with AppearMe! Freelancing […]

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