AppearMe Gives Lawyers Access to a Nationwide Network of Deposition Attorneys

AppearMe is a real-time and on-demand web and mobile application that provides a network of deposition attorneys for other lawyers in need of their services. 

With just a few steps, you can submit a request, access the largest network of deposition attorneys, and get immediate responses (without the complexity of contacting agencies or asking for recommendations). 

Here are the most asked questions about scheduling deposition attorneys with AppearMe!

How long does it take to hire deposition attorneys using the app?

The average time to connect with a deposition attorney is 60 seconds. Our technology solution automates the process of scheduling legal professionals. On top of that, the app lets you find a deposition attorney a couple of days, hours, and even 10 minutes before a scheduled event.

How do I know that the deposition attorney is qualified?

Be assured that all legal professionals meet certain requirements before they can join AppearMe. Those with disciplinary history or inactive licenses can’t join our network.

How does the app work? 

Here’s how the app works:

  1. You submit a request
  2. The app automatically notifies all eligible deposition attorneys in the specified area
  3. One of the deposition attorneys accepts your request in under a minute

What other benefits does AppearMe give?

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