AppearMe for Consumers Sets up a Pro Bono Network to Help People with Employment Law Compliance Issues

As the U.S. continues its actions against the COVID-10 crisis, the best way to join the ongoing work fighting the pandemic is solidarity. Over the past two months, we have witnessed the development of numerous social campaigns to help combat COVID-19. Essential frontline workers — doctors, nurses, and other medical professionals, as well as public servants, grocery and delivery workers— are the true heroes in this fight. 

We salute our hard-working and dedicated professionals who work on the frontline of the COVID-19 response and encourage lawyers across the country to join the fight.

Among the many uncertainties during the COVID-19 crisis, employers are concerned and uncertain about their jobs and employment rights. COVID-19 raises potential employment law compliance issues, such as unemployment, loss of wages and benefits, workplace discrimination or harassment, paid sick leave, etc.  

Employees should be aware of the pandemic’s legal implications and should have proper access to essential legal services. To mitigate employment law compliance issues and to help employees navigate unlawful actions, AppearMe for Consumers launches a pro bono network for lawyers who want to join the fight against the COVID-19 crisis. 

A small act of solidarity can help spread awareness and increase access to justice. Successful people are always looking for opportunities to help others, and today this is more important than ever. Please visit to sign up for an opportunity to help.