4 Tips to Choose the Best Criminal Lawyer

If you’ve been arrested or charged with a crime, you are probably looking for an experienced criminal lawyer, especially if your liberty is at stake. The question is how you are going to find the right lawyer when there are millions of them across the country. Below are a few tips on how to pick a good criminal defense lawyer when you really need one.


Get Recommendations

If you can’t figure out how to pick a good criminal lawyer for your case, first of all ask your friends, co-workers, and acquaintances. They may be able to recommend a criminal lawyer who can handle your case.

Now that you have some attorney options, it’s time to choose. But before you hire a lawyer to fight your case, make sure that there are plenty of references available that back him up. But how do you do that? Just Google! Check their official website and review ratings. Don’t forget to get feedback from past or present clients. If clients say positive things about a particular attorney, he/she is most likely a good one.


Choose a Lawyer with the Right Experience

Years of experience matters a lot when it comes to hiring an attorney, right? Well, experience really matters, but first of all, choose someone who has experience dealing with criminal law. For example, you can’t hire a commercial lawyer who has years of experience and expect him to help you with a criminal case.

You need to hire a lawyer who only practices in criminal law. They are better equipped to defend you against the claims of the prosecution and maximize your chances of winning your case.

So before you contact the lawyer, do your research: check the lawyers’ website and see the cases they specialize in. In other words, hire an attorney with the right experience.


Your Criminal Lawyer Should Be Passionate

Have you heard this saying? ‘‘A man can succeed at almost anything for which he has unlimited enthusiasm’’, – Charles M. Schwab

Yes, enthusiasm is crucially important, even when it comes to hiring a lawyer. After all, if your attorney is not enthusiastic about working on your case, he won’t be able to convince the jury to decide in favor of you.

If this is the case, move on and find a lawyer who is actually interested in helping you.


Both of You Must Understand Each Other Well

Finally, but perhaps the most important thing to consider when hiring a lawyer: trust your feelings. Does the attorney show no interest in listening to your story? Is the lawyer not answering your calls, missing a necessary appointment, or reaching late in the court? Does he or she fail to present documents to file before the deadline? Is your lawyer making significant decisions without asking you (you must have skipped the previous 3 tips if this happens to you)?

Hmm, these are all red flags not to work with the ‘‘promising’’ candidate and choose someone else.

You definitely want someone that will act as your advisor, explaining your options and then letting you choose. Find someone who gives you time and is willing to listen to you.

During your criminal trials, you will need emotional and moral support. You need to feel extremely comfortable with the person who will represent you and your interests. Simply put, look for an attorney that will listen to your story, show interest, and fight for you.


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