AppearMe – Appearance Attorneys for All Types of Appearances

AppearMe is a mobile and web app that helps you find appearance attorneys for all types of appearances. The attorneys registered in the portal will assist you in bankruptcy, civil, collections, criminal, family law, immigration, probate, worker compensation hearings.

AppearMe allows document submission via an online tool so that the attorneys will be fully prepared for your appearance having reviewed all the information presented. The attorney will attempt to settle only if instructed.

Once the hearing is covered, a brief report will follow that will detail the results of the appearance.



AppearMe attorneys can cover meetings of creditors, Chapter 13 Confirmation Hearing, Chapter 7 Reaffirmation Hearing as well as Adversary Proceeding hearings.

When you file for Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy, the court will appoint a trustee to administer and oversee your case. You will be required to attend certain hearings before your case is completed. The appearance attorney can help you handle issues like submitting the missing documents or rescheduling a hearing.

The appearance attorneys can help you in hearings of adversary proceeding as well. They can handle document submission and even present the case.



Our experienced Civil attorneys can handle any of your civil hearings, whether CPC’s, MSJ’s, Trials, etc.

They can be helpful in all types of motions, settlement conferences, court trials, jury trials, depositions, mediations, foreclosures, and subrogations.



AppearMe has experienced attorneys specialized in collection proceeding covering trials, MSJ’s, CMC, etc.

The collection hearing attorneys will appear on your behalf in court, obtain contact and financial information. They may also submit arguments on your behalf and confer with the debtor’ s opposing counsel.



AppearMe Criminal attorneys can cover any of these hearings: Arraignment, Bail Hearing, Pre-trial, Preliminary Hearing, Plea Hearing, Proof of Enrollment, Traffic, Restitution, Sentencing, Warrant Recall, Probation Violation and more.

Criminal attorneys can also meet with your client if they are present or in custody.


Family Law

Our experienced Family Law attorneys can appear anywhere, anytime for child custody hearings, motions hearings, TRO’s and more. They can be helpful in the First Hearing Dispute Resolution Appointment and fact-finding hearings.



AppearMe experienced Immigration attorneys can help you in Master Calendars, Bond Hearings, etc. They can handle all kinds of minor matters in general removal hearings, bond redetermination hearings and withholding of removal hearings.



Our Probate attorneys will help you in Probate hearings, covering Conservatorship Hearings, Financial Accounting Hearings, etc. They will appear in a Probate Court, also called a “Surrogate Courte”, to handle matters related to the probate of wills as well as estate administration.


Worker compensation                                       

AppearMe has attorneys in the area of worker compensation who can handle all types of hearings ranging from deposition to MSC’s.

Your attorney can fill out a pre-trial form which is presented to a judge. The judge will set a date for the final hearing. There is absolutely no need to attend a pre-trial hearing. Your attorney will present you during the hearing.

Give us a try to help you in situations when you need help. Sign up to AppearMe and be part of the big team!