5 Reasons to Hire an Expert Witness with AppearMe

The Directory by AppearMe is an online database of expert witnesses and litigation support specialists.

There are many advantages of using AppearMe to hire a professional witness. Here are just some of them.

It’s FREE and easy to get started: It only takes 3 steps to find an expert witness:

  1. Become an AppearMe user
  2. Browse categories
  3. Choose the right fit

Simply put, you can hire the right candidate without the complexity of contacting agencies or asking for recommendations.

A fully automated application: AppearMe is designed to automate and simplify how you search and hire professional witnesses and litigation support specialists so you can save time and focus attention on what matters most.

Nationwide network: AppearMe offers the largest nationwide network of expert witnesses. Currently, we have over 12,000 professional witnesses and litigation support specialists in our directory and it’s growing every day.

Connect with the experts you need to win your case: Be assured that our listed expert witnesses meet certain criteria before they can join AppearMe. 

Find the right candidate in a particular area of expertise: Lawyers can find professional witnesses in all disciplines (employment, engineering, computers & technology, family & education, forensic & laboratory testing, hospitals & medical services, insurance, real estate, construction & architecture, business, financial & marketing, etc).


Ready to Connect with Your Next Expert Witness?

If you’re new to AppearMe, get started by creating your free account. Get the AppearMe mobile app (App Store or Google Play) or create an account through our website. 

It only takes a couple of minutes to start using AppearMe. Once your account is complete, you will be able to search our expert witness directory to find experts across all disciplines and locations.

To learn more about our expert witness services, contact us at (888) 900-3080 or [email protected].