Are You a Court Appearance Attorney in Phoenix?

Oftentimes my colleagues in Phoenix wonder how I find so many court appearance attorney tasks and earn bucks that they dream about. I tell them my little secret. “I find abundance of job offers with a legal app called AppearMe. You can do that, too!” Now, most of my friends are users of AppearMe and find court appearances, depositions and legal freelancing tasks every day. 

How Does a Court Appearance Attorney in Phoenix Find Job Offers

Super easy! Other lawyers post job offers and we take that immediately. Why immediately? My little secret to you. Act super-fast because the first attorney committing will get the job. I always do that and I have plenty of job offers now.

Here is how it works. I get push notifications on my mobile and an email. Since I always watch for notices, I commit to the task in less than a minute and get the job. And don’t think that it’s only about court appearances and depositions. I get legal freelancing offers from research to drafting and writing contracts.

Now that I am a user of AppearMe, I have no shortage of jobs. I wish you the same with the legal app. Now let me tell how I signed up.

Use App Store, Google Play or the AppearMe Site

I downloaded the app from App Store. You can also use Google Play or head to to open an account. Once you fill in the required information, you need to submit and wait till the AppearMe staff verifies your profile. Only vetted attorneys get registered. I have an active license and have no disciplinary actions against me, so I was easily accepted in the system. In a couple of hours, I was already a user.

I hope I told you everything to get started with this incredible app. If you need some help, here is the phone number and email you need. Call AppearMe at (888) 900-3080 or send an email to [email protected]