Need to File an Answer to a Lawsuit? Find a Freelance Attorney with AppearMe!

Contrary to popular belief you don’t need to file an answer to each and every lawsuit. Things get tough for attorneys and in some dire situations they just desperately need a helping hand. In situations when there are piles of documents on your desk and killing deadlines ahead of you, hiring a freelance attorney to file an answer to a lawsuit is the best that you can do. And here comes AppearMe with an extensive network of attorneys, court reporters, and interpreters. Finding the right professional takes from two to three minutes of your time. Want to know more? Here is how it works.


Open an Account and Get Started

Opening an account is super simple with AppearMe. Simply download from App Store or Google Play or head to to open an account. Once you submit your profile information, we will get back to you in a couple of hours. We check for active license and clean disciplinary history and if you have both, you will get approved.

Now post a request on the platform and wait some 60 seconds for attorneys to get back to you. Select among 5 attorneys reading their profiles or communicating with them and assign the task to one of them. Now sit back and wait for the attorney to submit the assignment by the deadline. 

You will pay if you are content with the job. Otherwise special procedures apply with AppearMe involvement.


Freelance Attorney and Not Only to File an Answer to a Lawsuit

Congratulations on your first experience with AppearMe! Now do the same every time you need a freelance attorney to help. Here is a short list of tasks you can assign. If your task is not on the list, simply choose “other” and assign the task.

  • Research Memo
  • Answers to a Complaint
  • Answer to a Lawsuit
  • Drafting a Complaint
  • Drafting a Lawsuit
  • Drafting a Demand Letter
  • Drafting Wills and Trust Packages
  • Responding to a Discovery Set
  • Case Summaries
  • Drafting Deposition Sets


Contact AppearMe for Clarifications and Details

We are here around the clock to answer all your questions. Call us at (888) 900-3080  or send an email to [email protected]. But before you do that read our Services page to get an overview of this legal application. 

When you are ready, please SIGN UP FREE.

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