5 Tips for Easily Communicating with Your Family Lawyer

The importance of establishing and maintaining a good working relationship with your family lawyer cannot be underestimated. Family lawyers handle legal problems between members of the same family, including divorce, adoption, child support, custody, guardianship, etc. Being able to communicate easily and openly with your family lawyer is essential for the successful outcome of your case.

 As a client, you will probably have to share some sensitive information with your family attorney, so it’s crucial to develop an effective and successful client-lawyer relationship based on mutual trust and respect. The following are five tips to help you easily communicate with your family lawyer. 

  1. To get started, you should find out how your family lawyer prefers to communicate and then establish some ground rules for communication.
  2. To communicate clearly and efficiently with your lawyer, you should have a stronger understanding of your case. If you don’t understand something your family lawyer has said, ask for clarification without hesitation. 
  3. Prepare a written list of issues and questions before calling, emailing, or meeting your family attorney to get all your questions answered.
  4. Tell your family attorney the truth. You should always be honest with your lawyer about the facts of your case. Hiding information will only hurt your case in the long run. 
  5. If you are having a hard time communicating with your family attorney, tell him/her right away.


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