The Differences Between a Criminal Case and a Civil Case

Criminal cases and civil cases: they are very different. Civil cases usually involve private disputes between people or organizations. On the other hand, a criminal […]


Facts and Myths You Should Know About U.S. Immigration

There are many stereotypes and misconceptions surrounding U.S. immigration. So, it’s a good idea to ask ourselves how much we actually know about it. Here […]


Pros and Cons of Declaring Bankruptcy Under Chapter 7

Actually, making a decision of declaring bankruptcy isn’t an easy task. It’s not a secret for any person that it impacts both your reputation and […]


What are the Legal Consequences of Driving Under the Influence?

They will tell you a million times and you will still not really realize the consequences of driving under the influence. But here is a […]


Do I Need a Traffic Ticket Lawyer?

Actually, those people who commit traffic violations (known as infractions) get traffic tickets. You should keep in mind that traffic tickets may affect your driving […]


20 Surprising Facts About Speeding Tickets

Speeding tickets are not the best surprise we get while on the road. For example, when you are driving on the highway and see village […]


Do I need a lawyer for a DUI?

They all tell us not to drink and drive, or take drugs and drive. And somehow we end up having a DUI case. If you […]


Do I Have to Appear in Court or Can My Attorney Appear for Me?

There is no one answer to this question. Depending on the essence of your charge your attorney may or may not appear in court without […]


Legal Terms Explained: What Does Insolvency Mean?

In general, insolvency is the inability to pay debts. However, when we try to go deep inside the concept it is more than that. Very […]


The Divorce Process: Do’s and Don’ts

Tears go down, nerves on ease, fairy tale of love has turned into a hell… you decide to end these tortures, you decide to divorce! […]

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