Be My Appearance Counsel!

If you try AppearMe for finding an appearance counsel, you will immediately see the difference. No more middle-man markup. You communicate directly, and thousands of […]


Attorneys on Demand – the Best Solution for Last Minute Emergencies

When a lawyer’s caseload is too heavy, or he/she has an emergency, the first thing that comes to a lawyer’s mind are the attorneys on […]


AppearMe: the Legal Solution Which Makes Lawyers’ Life Easier

Lawyers often complain that they have too much to do in a short time. In fact, lawyers’ life is not easy. They have to interrogate […]


Attorney to Attorney Case Referrals in California

Attorney to attorney case referral is a popular practice in California. A lot of lawyers refer cases to other attorneys earning referral fees. Your search […]


Court Appearance Lawyers Get Jobs With One Tap

Finding a court appearance job has become as easy as answering a phone call. You just need to tap your mobile to accept the job […]


Tasks to Complete After Your First Deposition

Finally, you are over with your first deposition. It was a lot of stress, but you made it. You interrogated the witnesses, you collected the […]


Become a Lawyer Willing to Make a Special Appearance

You may be one of those lawyers for whom special appearance is not on top of career aspirations. Legal professionals normally have a biased opinion […]


The One Minute Court Appearance Deal

If you are a legal professional, chances are your day consists of the court appearance, deadlines, meetings with clients, phone calls, research, etc. But be […]


If You Are Having Trouble Finding an Appearance Attorney, Read This!

All lawyers need assistance in court appearance from time to time. Some lawyers even take unbelievable efforts to appear in court in order not to […]


Refer a Case in Texas and Earn Referral Fee

You might know that you can refer a case to a fellow attorney an earn referral fee. What you might not know is that you […]

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