Finding an Appearance Attorney takes less than a minute!

AppearMe is a real time tool that helps attorneys and consumers alike to find appearance attorneys in real time within seconds.
Never miss a court appearance and never pay thousands of dollars for your traffic ticket appearance.

A beautiful experience!

Finding an Appearance Attorney in less than a minute!

About Us

We are a team of entrepreneurs, lawyers and programmers who know what YOU need. AppearMe is a solution that helps consumers and attorneys alike to find competent and license appearance attorneys in a way that saves everyone time and money.

It takes anyone as little as one minute to submit a case and find an attorney. Appearance attorneys can fill up their appearance calendar to the fullest and never waste a day in court with only one or two appearances.

This on-demand and real-time app is revolutionizing how attorneys are hired!

  • Crafted with love

    We have created this app and the web app with pleasure and upmost enthusiasm. We have talked to over 100 attorneys and consumers to find out which benefits to include and which features to present.

  • The first of its kind

    Being the first and only app of its kind, AppearMe offers a Real-Time solution to a task that took hours to accomplish and cost more than it needed to be.

  • For Consumers

    Now you can take care of your traffic tickets, bankruptcy or custody hearing for as little as $100 per appearance. Forget paying hundreds or sometimes thousands of dollars to clear that speeding ticket.

  • For Attorneys

    Forget calling or faxing 20 appearance attorneys to schedule an appearance. Just submit your case and let the software match you with the attorney of your choice in minutes. You pay as little as $70 per appearance.

Mobile Ready

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AppearMe, We Just Brought the Future to You!

On The Web & Mobile

Use the app on the web or on mobile devices. Fast, convenient and productive!