AppearMe is a unique platform that lets attorneys access hundreds of appearances on a daily basis. By joining this fast-growing community of thousands of lawyers you will have the opportunity to fill up your court calendar and make your day in court more productive and profitable.

Are You an Attorney of Record? 

If you are too far from your appearance courthouse or too busy to make it to the hearing, you can always hire an appearance attorney. AppearMe lets you find your Appearance Attorney within minutes who will show up to any court, anytime, for any hearing. You can submit your request a week, a day or even 10 minutes before your appearance date and time.

Are You an Appearance Attorney? 

It takes minutes to sign up and be verified. All registered lawyers receive a notification as soon as a new appearance is submitted. Once you accept the offer to appear, all you have to do is to appear for the assigned hearing. The easy-to-use and secure system let you get paid automatically the second you complete the appearance and send a brief report to the attorney of record.


Step-by-step instructions on how to set up your account are available on our Explore AppearMe page.