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The payment system is simple as anything else with AppearMe. Appearance attorneys get paid automatically through a secure web or mobile app. We appear anywhere, anytime, for any court hearing and the portal gives you a chance to take up as many appearance attorney jobs as you can handle during a day.

As an appearance attorney, you get paid once you complete the appearance, mark so in the system and send the attorney of record a report. When you click on the “Close & Report” button on the appearance page and submit a summary of the appearance, the appearance will be considered completed. The amount, minus the processing fee, are directly deposited into the account that you have registered with us.

To set your payment, you need to complete your profile and submit your checking account information through our secure website or mobile app. Once your checking account is set up, you will receive your earning for each appearance automatically (after closing the appearance as described above).

Usually, the funds show up in your account immediately or how long ever it takes for the processing bank and your bank to complete the transaction. If you do not receive the funds within 24 to 48 hours, please contact us.

It is a requirement of the law that you complete IRS W9 Form. Your payouts will be held back once your earnings reach $500 until you complete and submit to us your W9 Form.

Attorneys of record will see the minimum price listed for each appearance when they submit an appearance request. AppearMe custom pricing feature allows attorneys of record to offer a higher price for the appearance request they created. They may do so because of emergency or for any other reason. The final price listed or selected by the appearance attorney will be charged on his/her credit ONLY when the appearance is claimed by an appearance attorney.

There are thousands of attorneys registered in the portal and your chances of getting appearance attorney job notifications are extremely high. Appearance attorneys make AppearMe a steady source of income while enjoying the luxury of flexible work. You can use the portal when needed or desired. There are no commitments or hidden fees when you sign up.

For more information see our help page. Step-by-step instructions on how to set up your account are available on our Explore AppearMe page. For detailed information about our pricing, go to our pricing page.

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