How to Become a Court Reporter?

Court reporters are key professionals for the integrity of the judicial system. They create transcripts of the legal proceedings from pretrial depositions to courtroom hearings. They ensure that everything from spoken words to gestures is accurately recorded and transcribed. With outstanding employment and salary opportunities (with a mean annual wage of $60,060 according to Bureau of Labor Statistics), the job as a court reporter is very attractive for many especially if you consider the relatively short time of education required for certification. Here are some of the steps required to become a court reporter.


Step 1. Complete a Program

You don’t need to spend years of your life to become a court reporter. Most programs that train in a specific method of transcription are certificate programs and run approximately six months. But court reporting and stenographer programs may lead to a certificate or associate’s degree. You can complete such program in 2 years. They also may include practical training or a court or freelance externship.


Step 2. Court Reporter: Get the Licensure

Most states require that court reporters be licensed. To obtain a license, a court reporter may need to become Certified Court Reporter. He/she may also need to pass a state board-administered exam. These requirements vary in different states, and you need to check specific information for your state.


Step 3. Find Employment

Finally, you got your certificate and obtained a license. Now you can work as a court reporter. You may get a job at government courts or court reporting agencies. You can also do freelancing or part-time work. If you decide to do freelancing, you can also get a job at a live broadcast production company providing captioning services.


Step 4. Market Yourself

Whatever you do, you need to market yourself. I am going to share information with you about an application where attorneys post court reporting jobs. The application is called AppearMe. It is a huge portal where thousands of lawyers are loyal users. They post and receive jobs, including court reporting offers.

If you are one of the lucky ones that have received your education and license and now are in search of a job, then AppearMe is for you. You can find a lot of opportunities in the application which is absolutely free to register.

It is pretty easy to sign up. We ask simple information, including your license type and number.

If you have any questions with signing up or other issues related to AppearMe, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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