Find an Appearance Attorney within minutes!

Find an Appearance Attorney within minutes!

Finding a Deposition Attorney is Easier than Ever Before

  • Find deposition attorneys easily in New YorkCaliforniaTexas, and Nevada.
  • It takes 2 minutes to sign up, 2 minutes to submit your deposition info and another 60 seconds to find the attorney you need. 
  • Pay per hour for depositions, with the ability to raise the price if needed.
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Refer a case to your friend and earn commission!

  • It’s absolutely impossible to practice every single type of law. You can take cases in the preferable type of law. 
  • Make your work with other attorneys less time-consuming through our automated tool. You can refer a case to a fellow attorney and earn a commission.
  • Before assigning your case you can scroll through applied attorneys’ profiles and choose the best fitting attorney.

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