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AppearMe is a unique platform that lets attorneys access hundreds of appearances on a daily basis. By joining this fast-growing community of thousands of lawyers you will have the opportunity to fill up your court calendar and make your day in court more productive and profitable.

Appearance is Created

In two easy steps, attorneys create an account and enter case details.

Sent to Attorneys

Hundreds of appearance attorneys in the area will receive your request.

Appearance Accepted

An appearance attorney will accept your offer to appear for your hearing.


Your appearance is calendared. You will receive a report after the hearing.

Our Apps

Take your appearances with you, on the go, anytime and anywhere. Submit your hearing request or take appearances on demand and in real time. Using our mobile apps makes it easier to manage your court hearings and appearance calendar.

From simple design to instant push notifications, the mobile apps seamlessly integrate with your every day practice by bringing all the important data into the palm of your hand. Welcome to the 21st Century!

Download the apps from the App Store or Google Play.

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On the Web

We are a team of entrepreneurs, lawyers, programmers and designers who know what you need. AppearMe is a solution that helps clients find licensed appearance attorneys in a way that saves everyone time and money.

It takes only a couple of minutes to submit a case and find an attorney. Appearance attorneys can fill up their appearance calendar to the fullest and never waste a day in court with only one or two appearances.

Fascinating super-productivity awaits you!

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